Presence and the Joy of Being

Presence and the Joy of Being




With Alima and Avinash 
This will be Senior POL Alima’s Last Retreat in the United States
An Advanced retreat for Path of Love Graduates.
May 15- 19th 2024
Wed Evening through Sunday afternoon.
 In Boulder, Colorao
 Price   $895
Early bird before March 1st, 2024,  $795

This 4.5 day gathering is an opportunity for POL Grads to continue the journey of Self-Exploration in the POL format, combining teachings, meditations, exposure work, and enquiry.

The alignment of the Heart is to Truth, and Joy. It is experienced as spontaneous sense of who I am. Often in life, however, the sense of Joy and Presence gets clouded over and lost. Seriousness takes over.  In this retreat we will explore how our Joy was diminished, and what blocks us from experiencing our Authentic  Presence,  and Joy in life.  We will look at how we shrink, identify, control, and react, and create endless suffering in our lives.

We will explore the quality of not knowing, and curiosity, and learn to value these aspects of ourselves. Fear and Control are replaced by Love of truth and the Courage to explore, supported by the qualities of Spontaneity, Awareness, and Compassion.  As we begin to land in these qualities, Curiosity, Joy, and Celebration begins to arise, essential aspects  of the Yellow Essence and our True Nature.


WE invite you to join us in this Incredible Lightness of Being!

“When Joy Has  a Reason it is not going to last very  long, when Joy is there without any reason it will be everlasting”-  Osho

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