Room Rental

Room Rentals

The Osho Leela Meditation Center shares its space with other teachers and seekers, either with a direct sponsorship of their event or offering or through its space rental program. Our meditation space is 22 X 32 feet and has a new cork floor, west facing windows, stereo and video equipment. It has an entry room, session room/kitchen and a library.  This space is perfect for yoga classes, retreats, workshops, dance events, and of course meditation!


Meditation Room Rental


Time Period Rate

Day Time Hourly Rate


Evening Hourly Rate


Evening (7 PM – 10 PM)








Weekday (8 AM -5 PM) $225


9 hours

(9:30 AM -6:30 PM)








9 hours


(12:00 AM – 9 PM)

Weekday plus evening

(8 AM – 10 PM)


Saturday evening

(6 PM – 10 PM)



We have a smaller group room available to accommodate smaller groups or break out groups.  This space can also be used for weekend rentals when our meditation space is used (Monday through Friday 5:30 – 6:30, Saturday 8 – 9 am and Sundays 9:30 til 11:30 AM) for OMC meditations. Please reach out to explore and get more information.  Call Puni at 720-300-9312 or email 

We also have a separate session room that we share with therapists and healers in our community, next door to our Center.

The room has its own entrance and is quite comfortable, with space for counseling and coaching sessions, body work or small groups. It is beautifully furnished, with comfortable seating and plenty of space for various treatment modalities. We have a massage table available and there is plenty of room for a large shiatsu mat.

The monthly minimum to be a part of this sharing arrangement is $100.00 and our practitioners are able to schedule their time independently via google calendar. For more information on being a part of this contact:

Osho Leela Meditation Center, a 501(C)3 Nonprofit Corporation, 1025 Rosewood Avenue #107 Boulder, CO 80304