“Life begins where fear ends.” -Osho

Osho Kundalini Meditation


Osho’s Kundalini meditation is done all over the world in the late afternoon or early evening before dinner to release the tensions of the day and allow a more silent and tranquil energy to emerge as one transitions back home from the hustle and bustle of modern life.  The meditation allows you to move your energy and release tension with the support of music.  By being fully immersed in the first and second stages of the meditation (first shaking the body and then dancing with eyes closed), the mediator is able to release tension and blocks in the body bringing a flow of positive energy into the their being.  The third and fourth stage, sitting in mediation with music; and then lying down in relaxation, allows the meditator to then move the energy within higher, creating a deep relaxation and stillness.  The eyes remain closed throughout the meditation and one should wear loose comfortable clothing.

If you are doing the Kundalini Meditation, then allow the shaking, don’t do it.  Stand silently, feel it coming and when your body starts trembling, help it but don’t do it.  Enjoy it, feel blissful about it, allow it, receive it, welcome it, but don’t will it.”