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Meet our Therapists, Massage Therapists, Coaches, and Mindfulness and Meditation Counselors

The Osho Leela Community offers a diverse group of professional therapists and counselors who bring a wide spectrum of different styles of work to their individual sessions and workshops to support you on your life’s journey. From Trauma Resolution to Gestalt Therapy, from Cranial Sacral body work to Meditation Counselors, all our Therapists are long term Meditators of who bring that fundamental presence into the work they offer.

Abhi Ktori – Carter

I am a Craniosacral Therapist.  I have been  in practice in Colorado and California  for 29 years.  I have studied  in various styles of the work  and have been blessed to train with many great teachers.  These  days my focus is Biodynamic Craniosacral  therapy.  People come to me for a variety  of reasons, stress relief, pain, trauma  both physical and emotional and some just for the deep relaxation that Craniosacral brings to the body /mind. I work with people  of all ages including babies.  I am a long time member  of ABMP ( American Bodywork  Massage Professionals)  and the Craniosacral Association of North America.

I have a sliding scale for those who need it .
Abhi Ktori – Carter  RCST,,BCST  (Deva Abhinandan)
Website: essencewave.com
Phone:   303 246 0148
Email: essenceabhi@gmail.com



Samir Heffley M.S. Clinical Psychology

I offer sessions to Individuals and Couples, creating a space in which you can go where you need to go, work on what needs attention, clarification, letting go, discovered and understood.  This all happens in an atmosphere of Acceptance and Respect for your own Path. My approach is a unique expression of my own Journey, composed of my Professional Education, my Experience in various treatment modalities, 35 years of Meditation practice and my continuing passion for Life and Learning.  Basically, I show up.


Cell: 303-931-7959
Office: 303-413-8325
Email:  swsamir7@gmail.com



Punitama Phipps

Punitama has been on the Meditation and Spiritual journey for over 35 years as a Meditator, meditation leader, Mindfulness Counselor and Spiritual Explorer.  She is also a Certified Somatic Experience Practioner Trauma Therapist.  She is an Executive Board Member of the Osho Leela Center for Transformation in Boulder, Col as well as a founding member of the Sattva Institute, and Faculty Seminar Leader for Path Retreats.

She brings a passion, love, and commitment to supporting people in finding their highest potential and to discovering connection, joy and deep fulfillment in their lives, through the sessions, groups and seminars she offers in person or via zoom.

She has been trained in:

  • Somatic Experience Trauma Training – Dr. Peter Levine, SEP
  • No Mind Intensive
  • Awakening of Love Facilitator Training
  • Life Coaching Certificate
  • Osho Multiversity Meditation Leaders Training
  • Breath Energy Work
  • Dare Attachment System of Relational Dynamics
  • Women’s Work
  • Reiki Master –- Usui System

She is well versed in Diamond Heart Essence work and  is  an  Osho Meditation Mentor and Mindfulness Teacher.

Punitama works with individuals and couples and is especially passionate in supporting women in their life journey and the challenges in bringing a fuller, and healthier expression of the Feminine presence to the earth.

Sessions in Person or via Zoom. Punitama@osholeela.org




Avinash Phipps

Avinash brings over 35 years of experience as a meditator, and facilitator into his individual sessions, seminars and group work. He is also a successful Business Entrepreneur, and is committed to supporting and mentoring businesses that can make a positive impact on the world.  He is an Executive Board Member of the Osho Leela Center for Transformation in Boulder, Colorado, and Cofound off  the Sattva Insitute for  Consciousness.  Avinash has experience with a wide range of transpersonal therapies and self-exploration modalities.

He has been trained in:

  • Somatic Trauma Training (Dr.Peter Levine) SEP
  • Osho Counselor Training Program- Certified
  • Landmark Seminar Leader Program
  • Breath Energy Therapy.
  • Creative Entrepreneurship
  • NLP
  • De-Hypnotherapy
  • Conscious Counseling
  • Dare Attachment System of Relational Dynamic-
  • Primal Therapy
  • Couples Counseling and Conscious Relating
  • Man/Women Training

Avinash’s work is based on the fundamental truth that we as human beings are at our core, whole, healthy, and well, and that at the same time, we have barriers to our experience of this fact. This foundation offers a unique perspective for working with people through individual sessions, seminars, and workshops offered in America and throughout the world.

He works from a place of self-discovery, honest exposure, and deep inquiry to uncover the essential qualities of who we are at our core. From there healing naturally happens.

Sessions in Person or Via zoom. avinash@osholeela.org

Deva Arani, is a Compassionate Inquiry facilitator*, certified life coach, KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, and the author of Integration Alchemy, a #1 bestselling book on integrating retreat/peak experiences. She has been teaching meditation, breathwork and yoga; and facilitating/leading transformational retreats for over a decade.  She feels blessed to be able to explore, experience, practice and share many different modalities of self-awareness and meditation. She is committed to her own healing and self-knowledge.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and a Doctorate Degree in Law from University of Colorado. She lives in the mountains above Boulder with her partner Samir and yellow lab Ben. For more information on Arani’s offerings or to schedule a session go to www.devaarani.com.

*Compassionate Inquiry is a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Mate that reveals what lies beneath the appearances we present to the world. She offers CI sessions and the CI approach now informs all of her life-coaching sessions as well.


We are located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado and are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit run by volunteers.

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