Osho Chakra Sounds


Osho Chakra Sounds Meditation



Osho Chakra Sounds meditation is an hour long sitting meditation where the meditator is invited to open the throat chakra and tune into to the chakras vibration through sound. The meditator is able to then harmonize and bring awareness to the chakras or energy centers. It can bring you into a deep, peaceful, inner silence. You can make your own vocal sounds, or just listen to the music and feel the sounds within you.


  1. base chakra:    the sex center, lower pelvis
  2. sacral chakra:  just below the navel
  3. solar plexus chakra:  above the navel, below the breastbone
  4. heart chakra:  the middle of the chest
  5. throat chakra:  the throat and neck area
  6. third eye chakra:  between the eyebrows
  7. crown chakra:  top of the head
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