“Life begins where fear ends.” -Osho

Letter 131


What does the seed know of its own potential?  It is the same with man, he doesn’t know what he is nor what he can be!  The seed, perhaps, cannot look within but man can.  This looking in is called meditation.  To know one’s truth as it is here and now is meditation.  Dive into it, deeper and deeper; there, in the depths, all that is possible can be clearly seen, and once seen it begins to happen-the awareness of what is possible turns into a reality, like a seed stirred by a vision of its potential beginning to sprout.  Time, effort, energy- pour it all into meditation because meditation is the gateless gate through which the self becomes aware of itself.  

Osho wrote the letters published in the book, A Cup of Tea, between 1962 and 1971.  The letters are beautiful poems, songs, hymns of the heart.  We encourage you to enjoy a copy of this book as a gift from Osho – and please enjoy it with a cup of tea!