“Life begins where fear ends.” -Osho

The third stage of the Osho’s Dynamic Meditation consists of jumping with raised arms, shouting the mantra “hoo, hoo”, focusing on the heels landing on the ground with each hoo, which brings the energy up to the first chakra.  It is a coordinated action of body movement, sound, breathing and vibration that creates a powerful energetic release, allowing gone to tap into his or her reservoir of infinite energy.

This third stage of Osho’s Dynamic Meditation allows you to: 1) discover you have an enormous amount of untapped and infinite energy inside; 2) learn how to access it; 3) have an existential experience that there is something beyond your body/mind limits.  Empowering, energizing and invigorating as well as physically exhausting this third stage gets you ready for the 4th stage of Dynamic Meditation, which is stillness.

Why the sound “Hoo”? Osho was very particular on this. Many people who do Dynamic Meditation forget to stick to the Hoo sound and go off the tangent with other sounds like “Ho” “Ha” “Hi”; unfortunately, that does not work. Osho chose “Hoo” for a specific reason. “Hoo” comes from the Sufi tradition and it is a powerful sound which goes deep to the root. The “Hoo” sound creates body electricity and hits the sex centre, where the human vital energy resides. Normally this energy is used up in sex, and for all other daily functions. And the natural law of gravity, pulls the energy downwards. With Dynamic Meditation, as the energy raises upwards, you can beat the gravity force, as if you are flying – you jump against gravity.
It is very important to use “Hoo” with the exhalation. Emphasize the outgoing breathe with the sound “Hoo” at the exact moment when you land with your feet on the ground. If you follow these exact instructions, results are guaranteed and you can experience it for yourself!

Osho On the Hoo Mantra:

Hoo is the last part of Allah. If you repeat “Allah-Allah-Allah-Allah” continuously, by and by, it takes the shape of “Allahoo-Allahoo-Allahoo.” Then, by and by, the first part is to be dropped. It becomes “Lahoo-Lahoo-Lahoo.” Then even “Lah” is to be dropped. It becomes “Hoo-Hoo-Hoo.” It is very forceful, and it hits your sex center directly. It doesn’t hit your heart: it hits your sex center.
For you Hoo will be helpful because now your heart is almost non-functioning. Love has disappeared; only sex has remained. Your sex center is functioning, not your love center, so Aum will not be of much help. Hoo will be a deeper help because your energy is not now near the heart. Your energy is near the sex center, and the sex center has to be hit directly so the energy rises upwards.
After a period of doing Hoo you may feel that now you don’t need that much of a dose. Then you can turn to Aum. When you start feeling that now you exist near the heart, not near the sex center, only then can you use Aum – not before it. But there is no need: Hoo can do for the whole way.
But if you feel like it, you can change. If you feel that now there is no need, you don’t feel sexual – sex is not a worry to you, you don’t think about it; it is not a cerebral imagination, you are not fascinated by it; a beautiful woman passes and you simply take a note that “Yes, a woman has passed,” but nothing arises within, you; your sex center is not hit, no energy moves in you – then you can start Aum.
But no need: you can continue with Hoo. Hoo is a stronger dose. When you do Hoo, you can immediately feel it goes to the stomach – to the center of hara, and then to the sex center. It forces the sex energy immediately upwards. It stirs the sex center.
You are more head oriented. This always happens: people, countries, civilizations which are head oriented become sexual – more sexual than heart oriented people. Heart-oriented people are loving. Sex comes as a shadow of love; it is not important in itself. Heart-oriented people don’t think much because, really, if you watch over twenty-four hours, for twenty-three hours you are thinking about sex.
Heart-oriented people don’t think about sex at all. When it happens, it happens. It is just like a body need. And it follows as a shadow to love: it never happens directly. They live in the middle – the heart is the middle between head and sex centers – you live in the head and in sex. You move from these two extremes; you are never in the middle. When sex is fulfilled, you move to the heart. When the sex desire arises, you move to sex but you never stay in the middle. The pendulum moves right and left; it never stops in the middle.