Being Yourself – Dance, The Joy of Rebellion


Being Yourself – Dance, The Joy of Rebellion

We have been told from early in life how to be and now not to be. A child, dependent for survival upon those who take care of him, has to compromise the discovery of his own aliveness, and listen to these voices. And even though we grow up, and step into our own life, these voices in the unconscious are connected with the way our energy moves, and the way we live our emotions and ability to feel.

Through Dance Alchemy, you can find the roots in the body and emotional body of the voices of conditioning that tell you how to be and not to be – keeping you small and afraid.

Knowing about this cognitively will not change the effect of what these voices have created – true change happens when we can connect with these held back energies in the body, and live them.

Seeing, and accepting what is there, even if it is painful, uncomfortable, is only possible through the heart’s natural ability to be present to what is, without judgement. This creates the space – and the body knows what to do.

When you dance what is there, you can allow the suffering of these voices to be burned away as you dance, revealing the essential life energy within each feeling – that is our birthright. Then we can celebrate, and relax into being ourselves – just the way we are right now.

“One has to rebel gracefully, watchfully, against all that keeps one a prisoner. And that which keeps you a prisoner is something within you. It is not really the society that keeps you a prisoner. It can force you into a prison but still it cannot touch your soul, your soul still remains free. . . Sannyas means a decision to rebel against all that remains unconscious and keeps you a prisoner, tethered to the robotlike existence. . . Gracefully, silently, one has to transform oneself. Then great beauty arises.”

Dance till the Stars Come Down from the Rafters #11

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Maneesha McClure, LMT, CST, SEP

Maneesha McClure has been working as a Dance therapist and teacher since 1986. She developed Dance Alchemy (previously known as Dance Energy Transformation), a body based therapy with a life affirmative attitude of celebration and love. It is a unique way of using dance and the alchemy in our own bodies to transform negative emotions, find self-love and acceptance, understand and connect more deeply with one’s true nature, and enter meditation.

Maneesha initially studied Dance and Dance Therapy in the USA. After meeting Osho, an enlightened master, and diving into a path of meditation, she was trained in various therapies which bring healing to issues that trouble us, such as childhood and relationship resolution work, emotional release, hypnosis and past life regression. She also was trained in metaphysical energy work, metaphysical reading, therapeutic bodywork, and Somatic Experiencing (Trauma Healing).

Since 1988 she has taught courses, groups and trainings in Dance Alchemy, (including the Dance Meditation Training in Osho Multiversity for 7 years) in India, Europe and the U.S. She is the director of the Osho Institute for Dancing, and lives in Sedona, Arizona. She offers Dance Alchemy classes, workshops and trainings, online and in person in Sedona and various locations worldwide. She also offers individual sessions in Somatic Trauma work, therapeutic touch, hypnosis, childhood development work and emotional transformation.