“Life begins where fear ends.” -Osho

The second stage of the Osho Dynamic Meditation is catharsis. Noticing how modern man is afflicted by stress and anxiety, Osho introduced catharsis in meditation to help people become more peaceful, relaxed and healthy. Mindfulness and traditional meditation techniques don’t deal directly with repressed energies and emotions, which in modern times lead to unhappiness and illness, both on a physical and emotional level.


Most people nowadays feel overwhelmed. But just becoming aware of negative emotions and self-sabotaging thoughts, is not normally enough to feel better. In fact, in some cases, mindfulness can even exacerbate anxiety and depression. The catharsis of the Osho Dynamic Meditation is an effective way to become aware of repressed feelings and allow them an outlet. Only when these inner forces are given expression is it possible to let them go.

Negative Effects?

Some argue that catharsis can be harmful, particularly to those who suffered severe emotional shocks and have been through traumatic experiences. There is no data or scientific research to make conclusive statements on this, but experience shows that hundreds of thousands of people around the world who have practiced Osho Dynamic Meditation have gained enormous physical, mental and emotional benefits. And it’s important to bear in mind that the catharsis of the Osho Dynamic Meditation, about free emotional expression without story or context.   It’s like an energetic cleansing, which unlocks energy blocks stuck in the body. So it’s not a formal therapy, even though it’s extremely therapeutic.

Madness With A Method

Osho Dynamic Meditation is madness with a method. And the method includes two fundamental, equally important and complimentary components: meditation and expression. Expression becomes more authentic when our dark emotions are acknowledged and brought to the light. Meditation without catharsis can be difficult because our of our repressed feelings.

Unexpressed Emotions Are Stored In The Body

It is becoming evident to health professionals that negative emotions can contribute to serious health conditions, including cancer. Anger, frustration and a negative state of mind, are poison for the body. The catharsis of the Osho Dynamic Meditation is a powerful and quick way to break the circuit of the negative emotions’ loop. By letting negativity out of your system through sounds and body movement, it is possible to heal the mind and the body. Once the mind is unburdened by the negative load of toxic emotions and thoughts, it will naturally create space for fresh new energy and bring a new positive charge to your system.

Be Like A Child

As we grow up and turn into adults, we lose our spontaneity. We learn how to control our body movements, emotions, language and how to negotiate through social conventions.  The catharsis of the Osho Dynamic Meditation is a wonderful opportunity to reclaim freedom and that lost wildness we all had as children.