Advanced Path of Love Teaching Retreat

with ALIMA

Presence is the key to allowing our essence to shine through and to support our external lives.  Only then can we be in touch with our essential value and true nature.

Trauma is often blocking the doorway to Presence and we will work with somatic approaches, as well as exploring ways to recognize the super ego, or inner judge, that keeps us so separate from our hearts and vulnerability.

This 4-day Intensive workshop for POL Graduates is an opportunity to continue our journey of self exploration in the POL format. It will include teachings, meditations, enquiry, and exposure work, with a big dose of humor and intimacy.   It’s the first time such a Training is offered in this hemisphere and we hope to continue them as a yearly event. Each Training would explore a different theme relevant to our everyday lives.

Most of you have experienced Alima’s talent, her capacity and compassion, as a leader. More recently she has offered her skill and brilliance while teaching in the recent AOL Trainings. Alima is assisted by Nirodha and Avinash in this retreat. This is a rare opportunity to work with Alima more intimately, and also with Avinash and Nirodha, our leaders in Training, and for us all to share that nourishing intimate space, learning and growing together.

We invite you to join us! We have had and amazing response so far and want to encourage everyone to sign up early, because we think that all 24 spaces will book quickly.

Please contact Punitama to register
Location:  Osho Meditation Center, Boulder
Date:  April 17-20 2014
Cost: $495
tel: (720) 300-9312
Osho Leela Meditation Center, a 501(C)3 Nonprofit Corporation, 1025 Rosewood Avenue #107 Boulder, CO 80304