Colorpuncture and Transmitter Relays

Jamie St Clair
Jamie St Clair

with Jamie St Clair. Available now through the Leela Center. Ph: 720 203 1855 Email:

Jamie offers the Kirlian Photo analysis (EEA) developed by Peter Mandel, and the energetic intuitive reading developed in the Osho Commune in Pune in combination. It is a blend of scientific energy analysis, and psychic reading. These can be single sessions or series. He is also offering the Transmitter Relays Insight Process, a 6 week, 12 session series involving Colorpuncture, Past Life therapy, counseling, and Osho’s meditations for a new start in life.

Some common issues brought for the Kirlian and Colorpuncture single sessions include:
* lower back, joint pain * stomach, digestion problems * menstrual pain and issues * low energy * sleep disturbance * feeling of stuckness * hormonal imbalance * lymphatic cleansing

Colorpuncture Transmitter Relays Process

Watch the video at left on the Transmitters. The Transmitters are an excellent opportunity for anyone wishing to make a new step in their life, to discover a deeper level of their consciousness and a fuller way of life manifesting more creativity, love, and beauty.  It involves work on freeing oneself from personal past, because without that we are bound to repeat our patterns and defenses learned in early life. That is step one. Step two involves finding the creative and spiritual expression that becomes available to us when we are free from our past.
The Transmitter Relays Body Mind Healing are a series of 12 sessions designed to access the psychosomatic roots of chronic disease and pain syndromes.

transmitter relays colorpuncture
Transmitter Relays

The treatments are on four circles on the head (graphic at left is demo only, not correct colors), including points to release patterns stemming from the mother and father, points for clearing birth trauma, prenatal trauma, and points for releasing physical and emotional blocks in the five organ groups according to the Chinese. By consciously revisiting these areas of early development, release from life patterns having roots in these areas is possible. Often long standing chronic health problems are understood as their somato-emotional roots are revealed. Transmitters have been effective in clearing blocks related to core issues around sexuality and creative expression. During these sessions, the participant learns to use the body as a key to arriving at certain conclusions with regard to his/her personal task and program in life.

How it Works:
Colorpuncture: Using the old Chinese system of energy pathways (meridians) as well as the findings of the electro-acupuncturist Dr. Voll, Peter Mandel established an organ topography for the Kirlian photos. This session can give direct information about weakened parts of the organ systems with the help of energetic phenomena appearing in the Kirlian photograph of the individual. Not to be confused with Polaroid “aura” photography”, this is a clinical method of measuring energetic flow in the meridians of the body. Followed by a colorpuncture session addressing the findings of the photo diagnosis.

Kirlian Photography:
Peter Mandel, the founder of Colorpuncture, discovered that the acupuncture meridians can absorb and transmit colored light inside the body. Mandel then developed a method of finding which conditions in the Kirlian photo corresponded to which symptoms his patients were presenting in his clinic, and by applying the color light points that affected those conditions, brought them into balance. The treatment itself involves the application of colored light to the skin with an instrument that resembles a simple pen light. Unlike acupuncture, it does not use needles or pierce the skin. Rather the color is infused into the meridians where it is channeled to where it is needed in the body/mind.

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