For the Flatlands

climbing the mountainby Jamie St Clair

climbing the mountainThese rugged peaks
These rocks and crags
These soaring ridges with fir and ash
Have me now, had me last night
In their power, firmly in their grasp.

I had a fall last night while climbing,
It came unexpected.
All of a sudden – the abyss
And over I went, couldn’t get a grasp,
Down, down into the swirling mist.

I lay there for hours
Not moving more than an inch,
This bruise and that cracked limb
Shooting needles through my body,
While I reviewed the roster of past sin.

Someday I’m going back to the flatlands
No surprises there.
The wide open sky without clouds for days
The sun and wind rolling like a pin
Sometimes so bright in a thickening haze.

Sometimes so empty, for miles
You can see every detail in the land.
That’s what I’d like –
A  little predictability. Someday I’m going back,
When I’ve tired of climbing and have things more in hand.

© 2002 James St Clair


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