Presence, Shadow and Deep Peace Workshop

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Presence, Shadow and Deep Peace Workshop


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We are living in an increasingly complicated world full of trauma, separation, blame and worry.  This timely retreat focuses on the urgency to face the shadow part of ourselves — the unwanted thoughts, emotions and feelings that keep us from experiencing connection and authenticity.  By taking that journey into the shadow, we will explore what lies beneath the unwanted feelings.

In doing that, we will begin to discover the peace and spaciousness that rests inside of all of us, like a still lake of consciousness, what is sometimes called the Black Essence. This Essence is part of our true nature and can appear as immensity and power, or as stillness and peace. It has a profound stilling effect on our inner noise and can erase the barriers that stop us from being intimate with our experience. As we become quieter and perceive with less noise, we can begin to discover the mysterious depth in everything we experience, an unknowable and inexhaustible mystery that our hearts long for.
Osho Leela Meditation Center
Boulder, Colorado
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Price: USD $750
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