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OshoThe Osho Leela Meditation Center offers daily meditations, therapy groups, and personal growth workshops. We are situated in the heart of the Boulder and Denver area of Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

The enlightened vision of Osho is at the core of the spirit and mission of the Osho Leela Meditation Center. Osho is a mystic who brings the timeless wisdom of the East to bear on the urgent questions facing men and women today. He speaks of the search for harmony and wholeness that lies at the core of all religious and spiritual traditions, illuminating the essence of Christianity, Hassidism, Buddhism, Sufism, Tantra, Tao, Yoga, and Zen. Osho does not, however, promote a religion or any fixed ideology. He has said, “I am neither for anything, nor against anything. My whole approach is that you should find a deep, relaxed contentment with yourself and existence.” He has recommended meditation as the path to self realization, and devised many meditation methods suited to Western man.

The Center hosts several therapeutic and meditative therapy groups like the Osho Mystic Rose and the Path of Love Intensive. Once a year the Center offers a 21 day Dynamic Meditation Intensive, and there are often celebrations on Mahaparinirvana Day, Masters’ Day, and Osho’s Birthday. Daily Meditations are offered including Kundalini, Dynamic, and Satsang. Osho books, CDs, and DVDs are for sale in the Osho Store, as well as many music CDs from the world of Osho.

The Osho Leela Meditation Center has grown to include live music in many of it’s Sunday satsangs, events, and occasionally on the Thursday evening discourse meditation.

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Osho Leela Meditation Center, a 501(C)3 Nonprofit Corporation, 1025 Rosewood Avenue #107 Boulder, CO 80304