“Life begins where fear ends.” -Osho

Quantum Light Breath – Joy of Being Meditation Workshop


Quantum Light Breath – Joy of Being is a two-hour workshop using someatic experiencing, deep breath work, inquiry and sharing to release and relax into the Joy of Being.


The Joy of Being with Quantum Light Breath
Sunday September 20, 2 – 4pm MST
A facilitated meditation and inquiry process – Lead by Punitama
To Register: $17.00 at www.osholeela.org. All proceeds go to OMC!
In this facilitated meditation workshop, we will use the power of breath to open up to deeper aspects of our unconsciously held trauma, negative thought patterns, and belief structures.
While tuning into these places in ourselves, we will create space to safely experience, sense and feel them and easily let them go, making room for a natural state — the Joy of Being.
This safe and gentle process can allow us to begin to experience the difference between the present moment and the mind, which is always in the past or future.
While embracing this way of being, problems can relax and disappear naturally.
We will deepen our natural understanding of Being Present with a time for inquiry and sharing with each other.