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“My training includes Swedish Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Corrective Exercise and Rehabilitation, Personal Training, and Laser Therapy, and my approach is to address pain with hands-on Neuromuscular Therapy, Ultrasound, and Far-Infrared Laser using a Low-Level laser machine. If needed, I will also assess posture, muscular contraction and weakness to determine which muscles are over-worked or weak, in order to correct faulty biomechanics, and I will perform a fitness assessment if necessary. A program of exercises will be given, if the client is willing, to strengthen overused muscles, stretch under-used muscles and increase range of motion, in order to prevent further injury and pain.”

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Anupam Barlow




Abhi Ktori – Carter

I am a Craniosacral Therapist.  I have been  in practice in Colorado and California  for 29 years.  I have studied  in various styles of the work  and have been blessed to train with many great teachers.  These  days my focus is Biodynamic Craniosacral  therapy.  People come to me for a variety  of reasons, stress relief, pain, trauma  both physical and emotional and some just for the deep relaxation that Craniosacral brings to the body /mind. I work with people  of all ages including babies.  I am a long time member  of ABMP ( American Bodywork  Massage Professionals)  and the Craniosacral Association of North America.
  I have a sliding scale for those who need it .
  Abhi Ktori – Carter  RCST,,BCST  (Deva Abhinandan)
 My web site is
        Phone    303 246 0148

Samir Heffley M.S. Clinical Psychology

Contact:  303-931-7959 cell.  303-413-8325 office.  Email:

I offer sessions to Individuals and Couples, creating a space in which you can go where you need to go, work on what needs attention, clarification, letting go, discovered and understood.  This all happens in an atmosphere of Acceptance and Respect for your own Path.

My approach is a unique expression of my own Journey, composed of my Professional Education, my Experience in various treatment modalities, 35 years of Meditation practice and my continuing passion for Life and Learning.  Basically, I show up.

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