Sufism and the Eros of Nonduality A Series of Five Sunday Afternoon Gatherings with Pir Elias Amidon

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Date(s) - 04/28/2019
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Sufism and the Eros of Nonduality

In this series of five Sunday afternoon gatherings, Pir Elias will take us on a deep dive into the nature of nonduality from the perspective of contemporary Sufism, exploring the vivid beauty this recognition bringsto our everyday lives.

While some approaches to spiritual awakening focus on realizing emptiness and the illusory nature of reality, and others encouragetranscendence of this earthly life, these gatherings open us both torecognizing the oneness of being and to wholeheartedly participating in its many-ness — in the vast diversity of beings and experiences weencounter.

For Sufis, this is the challenge of human life — to live open to the clearaware presence that is the ground of all being while fully engaging
with life’s beauty, difficulties, and sorrows. The meeting place of these apparent opposites is in our hearts, the place where love is made. This isone way to describe the eros of nonduality — the generative aliveness ofthe Many in the One, and the One in the Many, that offers us the secret to living our lives fully, with ease, humility, and love.

These gatherings will weave together experiential exercises, talks and discussion, guided meditations, movement, body prayers, and musical meditations. All are welcome.

Each of the five gatherings will focus on a different theme as it relatesto the central focus of welcoming the “generative aliveness” — the eros of nonduality — into the intimate experiences of our lives.

January 27: Love and Nonduality — The mystery of love in all its names and forms (kindness, empathy, compassion, passion, ecstasy, devotion, friendship, intimacy, care giving, playfulness, kinship, mercy, grief, forgiveness, gratitude, blessing, and service) and how we maylearn to deepen our capacity to love in all these ways.

February 24: The Art of Awakening — Opening ourselves to livingan awakened life is not a one-time event. It is ongoing. Realization is continuous. In this gathering we learn practices for becoming artists of our own awakening.

March 24: The Communion of Our Lives — Each of us wants our life to be meaningful, to offer some betterment to the world we inhabit. During this gathering we will explore this desire to see what gold is hidden there, and how we might share the wealth.

April 28: Doing the Beautiful — “Let the beauty you love be what you do,” Rumi advises us. “Doing the beautiful” is the heart of Sufiethics — it gives us a living, breathing guide for our actions instead ofa fixed moral code. What does it mean? What is “the beautiful?” How can we practice “beautiful doing” in our relationships, our activism, and our spiritual life?

May 26: The Grace of Aging and Dying — The eros of the universe,the eros of nonduality, beautifully supports us on our journey intoaging and dying. Realization of the nondual nature of all being offers us fearlessness and ease as we make these transits. As a Sufi once remarked: “It is death that dies, not life.”