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BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Workshop


Osho Leela Meditation Center, Boulder Colorado

BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Workshop – with the founder of BBTRS, Giten Tonkov.  For more information about Giten and BBTRS, go to

“The first impact of training is healing yourself. It can only start with you.”

Access the state where energy flows freely through your being!

BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release System®  (BBTRS®) is a new approach to body-oriented therapy. It is founded on a careful combination of specific breathing patterns with therapeutic conscious movement and dance, specialized touch and bodywork techniques, tension release exercises, gentle emotional release, creative use of sound and meditation. This profound system is designed to break through the many layers of body armoring thus releasing mental, emotional and physical tension to the core level.

In this fully experiential workshop you will have a first hand experience of full power of this incredible opening work. This BBTRS® practice will include a full breath session combined with special movement to unlock tension at the core of your body. You will be introduced to a valuable information on how your body reacts to and stores past traumatic events. You will be given practical tools that can be used at home to support your physical body to release the residual effects of trauma. This allows the stuck ‘Fight of Flight’ response to be completed creating free flow of previously arrested bio-energy. Releasing our core tension is extremely important to unlocking incredible amounts of bio-energy that can be use for healing, creativity, meditation and living life at it’s fullest.

For registration and information contact:

Osho Leela
Meditation Center

1025 Rosewood Ave #107
Boulder, CO 80304