Tantric Puja - Experience Conscious Connection

Tantric Puja – Experience Conscious Connection

Date(s) - 07/20/2018
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Join Amy McFarling as she invites you to experience a new way to consciously connect with your self and others.


Walking the Path

Walking the Path

Date(s) - 07/26/2018 - 07/29/2018
All Day

For POL Grads


Tantranz Massage at OMC

Tantranz Massage at OMC

Date(s) - 08/10/2018 - 08/12/2018
All Day

Learn the art of touching and receiving touch with awareness, awakening ecstasy and the natural healing potential of the body.

Using subtle touch without oil, we teach the activation of the body’s natural electricity, allowing it to flow freely to produce a sense of expansion and joy.

Designed for individuals wanting to explore touch in a safe and friendly environment, couples wanting to learn to communicate more deeply through touch, and therapists wanting to add tantric touch to their existing offerings.

The Tantranz approach to tantric massage teaches several ways of being present, available and whole within the body.  Through consciously inhabiting our bodies, we can meet other people with renewed trust and openness, experiencing life as an opportunity for continually unfolding connection.

We will explore our capacity to relate to our bodies, our senses, our pleasure, and to play with the masculine and feminine energies that are present in all of us.  Sessions will be guided and grounded with meditations and the ability to share about your experiences with the group.

Intended benefits:
*  Experience giving and receiving sensual touch in a sensitively held space
*  Expand your awareness of subtle energies through touch
*  Improve your ability to relate with others by learning to better feel, communicate, and be present for yourself
*  Dissolve energetic blockages in the body and allow ecstasy to flow!

Massage sessions will be experienced in pairs.  If you don’t feel comfortable working with someone you don’t know, please consider booking with a friend as a “couple” (gender is irrelevant).  Nudity is not required, but the technique is taught via direct skin contact, so a sarong or bikini/underwear is advisable if modesty is a concern.


Who is this course intended for?  Individuals wishing to explore tantric touch in a safe environment, couples wishing to explore touch as a deeper form of communication, and massage therapists wishing to incorporate tantric touch into their existing offerings.

What’s covered in the weekend?  Some theory (including how the touch moves electricity in the body, basic energy/pressure points, working with the 7 chakras), 4 massage exchanges, meditations (including Osho’s Dynamic Meditation and other movement meditations), opportunities to share about the experience with small groups or the wider group.

When is it?

Friday 10th August:  7pm-10pm

Saturday 11th August:  8am – 9pm (8am-10am is optional – if participants don’t want to join Dynamic Meditation, the day begins at 10am).  We will take breaks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (food is not provided).

Sunday 12th August:  8am – 6:30pm (8am – 11:30 is optional – if participants don’t want to join Dynamic Meditation and Satsang meditation, the day begins at 11:30am).  We will take breaks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (food is not provided).

Where is it?

Osho Leela Meditation Center

1025 Rosewood Avenue #107

Boulder, CO 80302

Free parking in front of center, behind center, and along Rosewood Avenue.

How much does it cost?

$297/person; $497/”couple” – the “couples” discount is actually a discount for booking with another person you want to work with – you do not need to be romantically involved.  We give this discount for two reasons:  to give us even numbers of participants and to give participants a mechanism for feeling safe around who they’re working with.  Early bird discounts are available until 15th July:  $247/person; $447/”couple”.

Do I need any prior massage experience?

It would be helpful if you have had some massage and/or meditation experience.  We say this because we will be working with subtle energies, so it’s helpful if you’ve had any kind of past experience with slowing down, becoming more quiet, and tuning in to something that is more subtle than we typically encounter in the “busy-ness” of day-to-day life.  If you’re unsure, don’t let it deter you – contact us and we’ll help you determine if the course is likely to be suitable/enjoyable for you.

Will there be nudity?  Nudity will be invited at times but never required.  You are in control of your own comfort levels, and you are encouraged to undress only to a level you’re comfortable with.  The technique is taught via direct skin contact, so you might choose to wear a sarong that can be arranged to provide you with your required level of modesty, or a bikini/swim shorts/underwear.  It’s up to you to take care of your own boundaries and also to know that there might be varying degrees of nudity around you in the room.

Will there be genital massage?  Level 1 of Tantranz massage does not teach genital massage.  That is offered in more advanced levels because it takes time to become grounded in the principles of energy and to generate the level of safety with practice partners required to open into deeper work.  Our philosophy is that the definition of tantric massage doesn’t pivot around the inclusion or exclusion of the genitals.  We teach the awareness and movement of energy.  We will be working with a 7-chakra system of energy, which means that there might be a call for touch around the root chakra.  Sometimes a hand may be placed there to ground erratic energy in the body.  You will be responsible for communicating your own boundaries and will never be encouraged to accept a touch that does not feel right for you.

Is this course for couples? Do I need a partner?  Level 1 is not designed to be restricted to couples, so you do not need to register with a partner.  The massage sessions will be exchanged in pairs, which is why we’re giving what we’re calling a “couples” discount – this simply helps us maintain even numbers.  “Couples” (or pairs) who register together may decide they only want to work with each other, which is totally fine.  Others may decide that they want to change partners for each exercise so that they get to experience different energies through different bodies.

Who will I be working with?  Typically, pairings are male/female, however the Tantranz approach is not dependent on gender or sexual orientation.  You may choose to work with people from the opposite sex or same sex, independent of your sexual orientation.  We will ask you to indicate your preference on the registration form and do what we can to meet it.

What happens after the course? Will there be any follow-up?  This is an introduction which we intend to follow with more advanced courses depending on interest.  We will likely create a practice circle in Boulder so that participants can come together for session exchanges in a safe environment with some supervision.

What should I wear?  We use active meditations to move energy in the body, so you’ll want to dress comfortably to move around/dance around.  When sessions are being exchanged, you are invited to wear as little as you feel comfortable with.  Sheets will be provided, but a sarong or bikini/swim shorts/underwear are advisable if you would feel safer.

What do I need to bring with me?  Please bring a sarong or towel.  On Saturday and Sunday there will be meal breaks – you will have enough time to eat in the surrounding area (there are several cafés within walking distance) or you may bring your own food (please keep in mind we have very limited fridge space).  We will provide tea, coffee, and water.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?  Participants must be 21 years of age or older.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Amy McFarling, 469-623-6283, tantranz.usa@gmail.com



Path of Love coming to Loveland, Colorado this September

Path of Love coming to Loveland, Colorado this September

Date(s) - 09/08/2018 - 09/15/2018
All Day