Osho Leela Boulder Reflections

An Excerpt from A Cup of Tea, Letters from Osho

Letter 131 Love. What does the seed know of its own potential?  It is the same with man, he doesn't know what he is nor what he can be!  The seed, perhaps, cannot look within but man can.  This looking in is called meditation.  To know one's truth as it is here and...

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Osho Speaks on His Enlightenment

You ask me: What happened when you became enlightened? I laughed, a real uproarious laugh, seeing the whole absurdity of trying to be enlightened. The whole thing is ridiculous because we are born enlightened, and to try for something that is already the case is the...

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Why Active Meditations – Osho

From Osho:   Modern man is a very new phenomenon. No traditional method can be used exactly as it exists because modern man never existed before. So, in a way, all traditional methods have become irrelevant. For example, the body has changed so much. It is so drugged...

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Osho on Politics: The Goose is Out!

No politician can be revolutionary, because the only revolution is spiritual. No politician can be radical either; the very word “radical” means concerning the roots. The politician only prunes the leaves, he has nothing to do with the roots. Only enlightenment takes...

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Osho: Never Born Never Died

Osho left his body on January 19, 1990.  Let us celebrate his many gifts to us - his love flows strongly - always and in each and everyone of us ... "Just look silently and deeply and you will find your master everywhere. The whole existence will become suffused with...

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Thank You: 2016 Fundraiser – Complete

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our 2016 OSHO NOW Fundraising Campaign.  We raised over $4,600 and are extremely grateful to each and every one of our friends and family who supported our efforts!  We feel that every action helped us to achieve this...

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Be Joyous and Happy In this Moment

“We need not worry about the future, we need not be prophetic about the future, we need not say a single thing about the future. We should be joyous and happy in this moment, and the next moment will be coming out of this moment. It will be suffused with the...

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Osho – Look Within

Out of all the so-called spiritual teachers, masters, prophets, saviors, ninety-nine percent are simply frauds. But you are responsible. You have made them frauds. If you are unintelligent, then you will start clinging to me -- and that's how so many people in the...

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Osho’s Birthday Message

My beloved ones, I love you. Love is my message – let it be your message too. Love is my color and my climate. To me, love is the only religion. All else is just rubbish, all else is nothing but mind-churning dreams. Love is the only substantial thing in life, all...

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